Friday, November 30, 2012

This is Your Lucky Day

A strange thing happened the other night.

The big one.

The PowerBall lottery.

The chance to win millions.

As I was standing in line at the local convenience store watching the customers gobble up as many tickets as they could, it became surreal to me. As each one purchased their tickets, the convenience store worker genuinely was wishing them "good luck." I thought to myself "why would she wish them luck when luck has nothing to do with it." Chance yes...but luck? No. I know...cynical bastard, right?

As each person went through the line though and picked up their ticket and received their obligatory "good luck" wishes, each person's face lit up with genuine hope and excitement. I thought to myself...good for her...good for them. We need to feel hope. We need to feel anticipation. We need to feel "lucky."

No one at that particular convenience store won the lottery but for one small moment, they all felt like winners. So did I.

Good stuff!

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