Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning From the Bed (and not waking everyone else up)

Been a long time since I went all stream of consciousness with you but it felt right today because I have lots of topics that don't need a lot of words. 

Death is the perfect synonym for the circle of life. You lose someone but reconnect or connect with others. 

Art does indeed imitate life. And vice versa. 

The older one gets, the less patience one has for blatant stupidity and bullshit. 

One beautiful, glorious day can erase 6 other mundane, morose days in the week.  

For the real fan, following your team creates the highest of highs and the lowest of lows...all within one game. 

Can an atheist believe in reincarnation?  I think yes, counselor. 

Managers manage from a short-sighted and small minded perspective. Make the month mentality. Leaders lead from a big picture, outside the box perspective. Make their lifetime mentality. 

Pets are a true panacea for what ails. 

I would pay twice the price of the drink just for a good bartender. 

We are all stumbling around life blindly until we bump into those people that make the difference. Then we can finally see. 

Love the feel of a real page in a real book. Also, love turning that aforementioned page. 

We hold ourselves back for two reasons; fear of the unknown and a perceived lack of safety nets. 

A great hug is priceless.