Saturday, November 24, 2012

You Should See What I am Hearing

Which would hurt more to lose?

The ability to see or the ability to hear?

The ability to capture the moment with your eyes or with your ears.

It's the difference between painting or photography and music.

There is nothing quite like the glowing radiance of a sunset. The explosion of colors from a bouquet of flowers. The expression on a child's face on Christmas morning. The soul piercing gaze from the one you love.

But there is also nothing like the sound of a newborn baby entering the world. The intertwining or music and lyric into melodic poetry. The innocent sound of a child laughing. Hearing the words I love you from your soulmate.

For me...I would have to say hearing. Because hearing gives me vision. Hearing gives me emotion. Hearing let's me feel. Hearing paints the picture in my mind.

For might be the other way around.

I hear ya. you see what I am saying?

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