Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning over a Cup of Joe 8 year old friend of the family said "that's the spirit" when one of my sons did something nice. I thought about that phrase ever since and I think I am going to adopt that one for awhile.

Good managers are easy to find...not so with good leaders because we can't see behind the title.

We sure do love the underdog, don't we?

Six degrees of separation? Wholeheartedly believe in it.

Favorite quote from my Dad..."smile and the world will smile with you...frown and you are all alone."

Feels good to be a bucket filler, doesn't it?

Someone find a better way to describe the situation we are in when we can't control the outcome than saying "it is what it is" and I will stop saying it. Until then..."it truly is what it is."

There is no other team sport than football that truly takes all players playing as one to be successful.

Turning a culture around is like turning a sailboat against the wind. It's hard...but sometimes necessary.

We define who we will be as young adults in our 20's. Something defines us again in our 40's. Not sure about the 60's...not there yet. I will update you on that when I get there.

I really like October and December...glad there are 31 days in each month so I can enjoy them as long as possible.

Flat Stanley is one lucky dude!

Great chemistry and balance between two or more people can move mountains.

A well placed and timed day off can pay huge dividends down the road.

Passion is the one emotional gasoline that drives everything.

Didn't feel like writing today...glad I did. Feel better for it.

"That's the spirit!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

I got a bone to pick with you

To invent...or reinvent.

What's harder? What is more rewarding?

Creating something out of nothing...or recreating something out of something?

The risk is greater to the individual with the latter because it involves leaving a comfort zone. Leaving the established boundaries. Breaking the rules.

During the invention phase...rule breaking is not only's expected.

During the reinvention phase...the perimeters have been set.

Remember...if it's not broke...don't fix it. Right?

But...experience can teach us how to not only break rules but to make new ones in the process.

The reinvention takes greater strength, conviction and risk.

What about the reward though?

Greater during reinvention? Possibly...but not guaranteed.

So if the risk is greater...and the reward is the same...why reinvent? can't stand still...and things never improve without reinvention. What once was now old. So how do you make the old new again. It's not a coat of fresh's a complete redo.

The old dog with the new trick can accomplish a lot more than that new pup with the same new trick because the old dog has seen the old tricks already.

Now go fetch yourself something...and reinvent.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Failure IS an option

Gene Kranz got it wrong.

History has not been rewritten...Apollo 13 did make it back but Gene Kranz did miss the mark.

It's not "Failure is not an option" it's "Because of previous failures, we are now able to succeed."

To fail...inherently means to try.

Failure should be welcomed, embraced and employed because it means you are putting yourself "out there"...taking chances or risks that will eventually improve your mission, product or service.

There was obviously something wrong with the Apollo 13 mission. There was a failure somewhere along the way.

The key is to identify when failure does not mean the end of the trail. What is the ultimate goal? If you really think about it, your failure is just a step in the process...a link in the chain.

Ever hear the saying "lose the the war?" Same principle applies. In other first but ultimately succeed.

Don't lament about your failures. Use them to help you achieve success later.

Remember...failure is an option. We may not like it...but we sure do need it.