Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blind Tiger

The essential part of the word creativity is create. 

Creativity in thought only is nice but creativity in thought and action is where the real magic happens. 

The creative idea is only a nail. On it's own, it serves no real functionality. It may sit in the drawer or toolbox forever; never being used. The creative action is the hammer. The more force you use with the hammer, the harder the strike. The more belief you have with the creative action, the greater the impact. 

A lot of people get stuck on the idea and never want to take action. They are fearful of failure. The action part becomes public for the world to see. The idea part can stay quiet and private; never seeing beyond the closed off crevasses of our minds and hearts. 

I recently stumbled upon a new upscale local watering hole where the bar manager takes mixology to a whole new level. One night at closing time, he had me taste-storm (that's a brainstorm for the pallete) several new concoctions and spirits. It's a prohibition era themed joint so drinks need to have some character and class. They need to scream power and grace all at once. Imagine Capone. Imagine Ness. Imagine Rita Hayworth. 

We tasted and tested for a couple of hours into the night and while the bar juices oiled our creative juices, we came up with what we called the "Blind Tiger." (A Blind Tiger was another word for speakeasy back in the day.)  We felt we had a name and a taste that blended together into a symphony for the patron. 

I didn't think twice about that night. Until the next time I was in...

The bar manager came over for our regular closing time ritual and showed me the new drink menu. The Blind Tiger made the cut. 

Seems like a small success but I thought it was pretty damn cool.  

Creative idea. Creative action. The hammer hit the nail. Bullseye. 

Don't be afraid to create. Your creation could be the hammer for someone else's nail.  

Go ahead take a swing...