Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love that place. Or is it you?

Do you have a favorite vacation destination?

A local hole in the wall bar where you can linger for hours?

A coffee shop that is Goldilocks for you? It's just right.

Even a recliner that fits your ass like a glove?

We all have these personal faves that get 5 star ratings from us it the place or is it the company?

Does the place bring out the best of us or does the best of us bring out the place. Chicken or egg?

Recently stopped at what I affectionately call my four-minute offense (topic for another day). Wasn't expecting anything different. Seats are the same. Selection was the same. Same chichi look and feel. Same isn't bad. Same just is. That being said...this night was different.

The cast of characters was outstanding. Even the "special appearances by" category was superb. Made me I love this place because of the place or the people.

The head and heart company wins. Not the bricks and mortar kind.

Landon Pigg, the next one is on me.