Monday, February 6, 2017

The Path of Least Resistance

This is the story of two driveways. 

One was long and steep and led to a beautiful new house. 

The other was short and flat and led to an older abode. 

When compared side by side, it's no contest. You would take the former rather than the latter. No cracks.  No mis-laid pieces of pavement. No parts of your lawn growing through like the expanding growth through the pages of Jumanji. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Game over. 

But upon further expection...the latter is what mattered. 

This relatively unsightly pathway was the perfect fit. The ideal prologue to home and epilouge from the rest of the world.  Uneven. Overgrown. Down right old.  And I am not talking about quaint or vintage or even antique. More like rundown, overused and commonplace.  

What gives you ask? How can I possibly come to this conclusion?  Am I mad? 

Not about driveways. 

See, I came to this conclusion while shoveling. 

Piece of white fluffy cake.