Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Life in the Day

Recently, I had a day.

A lifetime packed into one 24 hour present.

The love. The pain. The smiles. The tears. It had everything.

It started with a lovely breakfast in bed. Intertwined and passionate.

Then a phone call. I found out a dear friend had passed during the night. Too young. Tragic.

More phone calls with friends to ease the shock and pain. To try and get answers. Why?

Then a contemplative long drive. An opportunity to think about the coming and going of the morn.

The big game with a long time friend.

And of course...a loss in the big game.

A retreat home. Peaceful and quiet.

These specific 1440 minutes carried the weight of a lifetime. These 1440 minutes were a test of perspective. A strange concoction of the pain and joy of life.

I look back on this day and tilt my head in amazement.

One clock filled with minutes and hours.

The roller coaster of life.