Friday, October 18, 2013

Let's Take a Walk

There are so many times in life when we have to walk away. 

Some are by choice. 

Some are not.  

Some are good.  Some are bad. 

Some are for the better of the many. Some are for the better of the few. 

Some affect the short term.  Some affect the long term. 

Some hurt for a short time.  Some linger. 

Walking away is hard.  

Most people look at it as "giving up"..."throwing in the towel." 

Most people look at it as a sign of weakness.  

Au's a sign of strength.  

When a good friend lost his dad, he said our fathers were both strong enough to let go.  That's a powerful place to be.  

The key is to not be afraid. The key is to know when you walk away...there is a new direction.  

What seems like an ending...becomes a beginning. 

What seems new life.  

Walking away gives you freedom.

Just remember...even if it looks like you are walking are inevitably walking to something. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Was a Very Good Year...Or Was It?

When I was seventeen it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for small town girls...
And soft summer nights. We'd hide from the lights.
On the village green...When I was seventeen

Are these words of regret from a man who admittedly is in the "autumn of the year" or are these the words of a man who is looking in the rear view mirror smiling as he recalls fond memories that made him the man he is today?

Recently, I was out with two really good friends and we were listening to some classic Sinatra and the song "It Was a Very Good Year" came on. Two of us immediately talked about how cool the crooner's perspective is.

The other friend lamented at how sad it was. She talked about the sadness of the melody. She talked about the sadness in his voice.

When I was twenty-one it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for city girls...
Who lived up the stair...with all that perfumed hair.
And it came undone when I was twenty-one.

My other friend and I focused on the imagery of a man looking back at life with a thoughtful smile...realizing that even though the end is approaching...there were lots of reasons to celebrate life.

But now the days grow short.
Im in the autumn of the year.
And now I think of my life as vintage wine
from fine old kegs
from the brim to the dregs
And it poured sweet and clear
It was a very good year

Three similar people. One song. Two different perspectives.

One could look at it from a gender point of view. Men tend to look at their own mortality more than women.

Was this two 40-something year old men hoping that the song provides a positive picture of what is to come; when the end is near, we can look back at our lives and smile? Was this a woman who looks at it and feels sadness for the person whose life has gone by so quickly and is full of so many regrets?

I think there might be something to it.


The answer probably lies in the middle somewhere. All three of us are probably right to a degree.

But here is the kicker...

We have good days. We have bad days. Not every day is going to be good. Accept it. But if your "good" days in a year add up to 183, it was a very good year.

Methinks that's what 'ol Frankie was trying to tell us.

Yeah...I am going with that.