Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To or fro...

Bear with me...gotta ask some questions on this one. Trust me...it's worth it.

So why do you run?

Let me guess...when you really break it out...and you really think about it...you are either running towards something or away.

You are running to find motivation or you are running to escape.

It's that simple...

Second question...what music do you listen to while you are running?

So if you run for the reasons I laid out earlier (and I think you do)...you need the right music to match the run...right? So I decided to give you the ultimate playlist perfect for running for motivation or for the ultimate escape. I didn't put these in order because reasons for running and music are individual things. I can't make that choice for you. For me...I like motivational at the beginning of the run...escape in the middle...and then end with motivational again. Think about it this way...sprint...pacing...sprint. The order is your choice...the choice of music...I would take a hard look at my list. I think you will like it...

And now...musical intervals...

Violent Femmes Add it Up
Boys N' the Barrels The Catnip Rag
Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun
Keith Richards Make no Mistake
JoBoxers Just Got Lucky
The Atomic Fireballs Man with the Hex
The Devlins Crossing the River
Loose Nuts Wishen
Kid Rock Rock N' Roll Jesus
Survivor Eye of the Tiger
The Cranberries Linger
Los Lobos Viking
Little Steven Inside of Me
Smash Mouth Walkin on the Sun
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World
Simple Minds Don't you Forget About Me
Mumford and Sons The Cave
Simon/Garfunkel Sounds of Silence
Outkast Hey Ya!
Simon/Garfunkel Scarborough Fair
Pete Townshend Face the Face
Rip Off Artists What Just Happened
Real Life Send me an Angel
Pearl Jam Just Breathe
Joan Jett Light of Day
Adam Ant Friend or Foe
Iz Kamakawiwo╩╗ole Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Barenaked Ladies One Week
Hypertrophy Beautiful Day
Bill Conti Gonna Fly Now
House of Pain Jump Around
Black Eyed Peas Electric City
Greg Kurstin Action Figure Party
Blink 182 Mutt
General Public Tenderness
Brooklyn Bounce Get Ready to Bounce
Florence/Machine Dog Days Are Over
Burning Sensation Belly of the Whale
Cream I Feel Free
Far East Movement Like a G6
Dave Matthews Crash Into Me
Don Henley The Boys of Summer
David Bowie This is not America
Devo Whip It
The Doors Break On Through
Elvis Costello Complicated Shadows
The Killers Mr. Brightside
U2 Beautiful Day
The Killers Somebody Told Me
U2 Pride
The Killers All These Things I've Done
U2 Vertigo
The Members Working Girl
Tom Jones I'm Alive
The New Radicals You Get What you Want
Them Mystic Eyes
Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man

There you be...


Now go run.

Friday, June 24, 2011

You got a problem?

Are you unhappy at work?

If so...you need to ask yourself one question...

Are you unhappy/uncertain about your company's/boss's strategy or philosophy?

If you have problems regarding the strategy...that's a good thing. Challenge it all you want. That's what a good employee should do. A good boss should welcome it.

If you have issues with the philosophy...then you have a problem. Philosophy runs much deeper than strategy. Philosophy points back to a core belief system and if there is a disconnect there...it will probably never get to a point where you are going to be happy or successful

Case in point...

I was recruited for a position with another company about ten years ago and I was pretty sure I was going to take it when I was asked one question; As a manager...do you manage people or do you manage the business? I said you manage people...the business will follow. The CEO responded...no...you mangage the business...people are interchangable. I knew right there...that company was not for me.

So ask yourself...am I unhappy with the strategy or the philosophy. The answer will tell you what you need to do next.

If it's not the strategy...or the philosophy...maybe it's you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's not easy being green...

Ever have those moments in life when the walls are squeezing you and you just want to yell and be done with it all?

Guess what?

We all do...

It's those moments in life when we go from Dr. David Banner to the Incredible Hulk...in our own minds.

Nothing seems to go right and there is a new frustration around every corner. The balance in our life is gone and we just want to give in and let go. And then...a moment of clarity...and balance is restored. Everything falls into place and you have enough strength to go on.

Don't feel bad about hulking out. We all do it...just don't let it hang on for too long...you could do some serious damage with that shit if you don't let it go.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Death of Monet

Did you hear the news...
Monet is dead?

Went to a work thing this past weekend...but it certainly wasn't your typical work thing. This was a session on creative writing in the advertising world and "speaking" to today's consumer.

Around the turn of the century, we learned from great writers and trainers like Roy Williams and Chris Maddock to "monet" or "seuss" our commercials. To "monet" an ad was to paint an impressionistic picture that created theater of the mind for the listener. To "seuss" an ad meant to use rhyming and to invent new words that evoked the feelings that you wanted the listener to feel.

Chris taught this session over the weekend and he discussed the fact that today's consumer is all about truth, black and white propositions and reality. The consumer of today's BS meter is at an all time high. They don't want to be told how to feel...they want to come to that conclusion themselves. They don't give points for creativity...they give points for credibility. They don't want flowery or fluff...just lay out the facts...let them do their research and then they will make the call.

Pastels are out...black and white are in.

I do not like green eggs and ham...just leave them the way they are...thanks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't lose your marbles part 2...

See what you are capable of...when you think happy thoughts.

Don't ever lose your marbles...

Don't lose your marbles...

Remember when I talked about how important it is to cherish the "real" people in your life? I have one of those who is a dear friend who is now fighting for his life due to colon cancer.

He updates all of us through his wonderful writings in his CaringBridge journal.

Yesterday, he went in for a very painful treatment and happened to mention the movie "Hook."

It made me think of "happy thoughts"

It made me think of my "happy thoughts"

Take time out today to think of yours...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This one is a tough one...

There are two kinds of death...

People who still have a lot of life left who actually pass away and those who don't live anymore but are still alive.

I have been thinking all day long which one is worse. The more I think about it...the more I think the latter.

The first kind of death makes me sad...the second makes me mad.

The first kind usually is selfless...the second usually selfish.

The first kind hurts...the second kind frustrates.

This one hits close to home...and I have to say...they both suck.