Friday, December 2, 2016

Finders keepers. Losers keepers.

Recently I met a person who tragically lost not one, but two loves of his life.  I have only met him a couple of times but I have been told of him much longer. They spoke of how smart he was. They spoke of how intuitive he was. They spoke of how funny he was.  They spoke of how cool he was. They were right.  

One of the first days I met him, a group of us went to the cemetery where both of his wives were buried. It was surreal. He spoke matter of factly but with love. He spoke with a sadness but with contentness. He spoke from the head but with the voice of his heart. 

That day I played the role of the observer. The interloper.  I watched from the sidelines in amazement. 

Most of us spend our lives hoping to bump into that one person who is the life mirror in who we see our best relfection. The lighthouse who we always believe in but don't always see. The song lyric that fits. The perfect movie line. The soulmate. 

He found it twice. And lost them. 

But the finding outweighed the loss.  He made that clear.  

Who knows whether he will find again but it doesn't matter. He found. Not once. But twice. 

Keep trying to find. 

Finders keepers. Forever.