Saturday, May 28, 2016

Freeze Frame

Yeah, I know you thought this was going to be all about the 1981 hit album for the J Geils Band, right?

You know, the band's only number one album where songwriters Peter Wolf and Seth Justman did not share credit for every song? Some will argue though that this album was not neccessarily a musical and lyrical success but more a flag in the ground for MTV and a harbinger of things to come for the music video era. But I digress.

This freeze frame is about a snap-shot in time. A picture in your life's photo album that defines the story today.

We all have them in life.

Some are incredibly obvious at the time that your life will never be the same again. I will never forget the day my children were born. I will never forget the day my dad died. I will never forget the day my ex-wife died. Those are the easy ones that we can point to. When you reread your story though, there are less obvious ones that appear. Something seemingly small, mundane or irrelevant at the time becomes a key piece to the puzzle.

They define us. They create us.

You don't have hindsight in the moment but when you reflect, these snap-shots create your reflection.

The next time you are walking down a path and go all David Byrne on yourself asking "how did I get here," remember where the path might have really started.

"Snapshot image froze without a sound."