Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fits like a...sock?

Did you ever get new socks for Christmas?

I did this year.

They were dress I wore them to work on Wednesday and I thought to myself how good they felt.

They had more than enough cushion and support and when I compared them to my old dress socks...they were hands down...the winner.

They were new...but really comfortable.

So I started thinking about how we typically look at those two choices as either/or's. We usually have to sacrifice one for the other. I am comfortable here...but over there is something new...that actually may be better...but I really don't want to take that chance.

Comfortable v New.

Nope...not going to fall into that trap.

Don't think you have to lose one for the other. Make it work for both. Stay in your comfort zone...but bring a new element into it. Challenge the comfort zone without breaking it. Stretch it..without ripping it.

Comfortable and new. It does work...and it feels pretty good.

Remember Mikey? He tried new things...and always liked it. What was the name of that cereal again? Oh yeah...Life. That's it.

Writer's note; Did you know the Life cereal campaign was one of the longest running consistent commercial themes in the history of television. They were on to something. But...I digress...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shaken...not stirred

You've all done it...

You've made it snow inside a snow globe.

You shake it vigorously and the snow flakes explode and create a virtual whiteout of the scene inside the globe.

Then what happens?

The flakes settle...and the scene is even more beautiful than before.

More often than not...that summarizes our life. Every once in a while, the flakes explode all around us. Creating confusion and apparent disarray. But eventually, the flakes settle...the picture becomes clear again...and you see the scene for what it really is. But...probably even more beautiful than before because you appreciate it more.

Don't be afraid of the whiteout...embrace it because what follows is actually quite nice.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your steps

Writer's note: "little girl" graduates from college. This post is dedicated to her.

I remember the first steps you took when you were just a babe.
Exploring. You were alive. They were tiny steps but you went so far.
So careful, so trusting, so new.

I remember the first steps you took when you chose to run.
You had a goal, a dream to chase. They were bigger steps, but not large.
So focused, so determined, so you.

I remember the first steps you took when you danced to a song..
They were synchronized steps, but not planned.
So delicate, so beautiful, so blue.

I remember the first steps you took when you started to learn.
Yearning. Growing. Knowing. They were scary steps, but good.
So brave, so noble, so do.

I remember the first steps you took in the fields of play.
Not winning, not a care.. They were awkward steps, but forward.
So striving, so reaching, so few.

Today, you reach and take another step. There will be more. I promise.
Some good, bad. Some small, not all.
Some with promise and some nay. Some to move to and some fro.
But, the one thing to count on,
I will take these steps too as I have for all of the past.
To catch the tears and share the laughs.
To open your doors and to close your wounds.
I will be there too.

With every step,
I look back and forward and can’t help but smile with pride.

Every step you wish can be yours.
I am so proud of you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Are you painting in color or B&W

Writer's note; Huge movie every once in awhile I am going to reference movies or lines from movies that I feel have made or continue to make a difference.

Writer's note #2; You ever read or hear something where you just say...WOW...that really speaks to me...I wish I would've created that.

Think about this...

We all paint our own surroundings so use the brightest, boldest, biggest colors you can find. Fill the canvas. Make it scream and yell.

That's what this is all about...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What really counts?

OK...I am going to sound like a scrooge on this but really am not...

At this time of year...we hear this phrase a lot; "It's the thought that counts."


It's NOT the thought that counts.

Let me repeat it if you didn't catch that.

It's NOT the thought that counts.

It's the DO that counts.

We have a lot of people who have great intentions and thoughts...but not a lot of people who put those thoughts into action.

"I'd like to do this but..."

"We could accomplish this but..."

The next time you have the thought...make it real.

Give it life. Get it done.