Sunday, February 19, 2012

More randomness...

Perspective is a wonderful gift. Remind yourself often.

Timing is truly everything.

Don't define yourself by what you do...define yourself by who you are.

Smile and the world will smile with you...frown...and you are all alone.

What is it in a Bloody Mary that truly heals?

Encourage imagination.

Look for moments of clarity in your life.

I have come to the conclusion...we try to define ourselves in our 20's by a proactive act that we initiate. We get redefined in our 40's by a reactive act that usually happens to us or around us.

The more you look at the glass half full, the more full the glass appears.

Say thank you more than you think you need to.

The older extraverts get, the more they appreciate being alone. I think the opposite is also true.

Coffee and red wine...both great elixirs that help you think. One starts your brain going in the morning. The other helps it wind down at night. Both serve a purpose.

Don't plug into negative people. Typically...their negativity is contagious.

Innovators and adapters...both are needed.

Always be thinking about how you can make someone's day.

If you are seeing something that you don't like...change your viewing might like it better then.

Passion goes a long way.

Music can motivate.


Comfort zones are like hotels...they weren't meant to be permanent addresses.

And finally...

1.) Engage and learn.
2.) Have fun.
3.) Take ownership.

Thanks to the coffee this morning. Wonder what the wine will bring tonight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Advertising or advice?

Writer's note; I am now writing much more professionally than I have been so sometimes I may stray from the personal and "double dip" into the professional if that is OK with you.

Ahh…Don Draper. Now he was an Ad man.

Remember those days?

Imagine not having a clue what your brand stood for? What your brand meant? Hell, you probably didn’t even know your business was a brand. You walked into the “Ad Exec’s” office and he sold you a concept. It was creative. It made sense.

Then…the magic happens. He puts his creative team on the job. Slick, well produced TV ads. The voice of God radio ads. Full page layouts in the daily newspaper. And…they worked. People actually came into your business and wanted to use your product or service because of the advertising.

Let’s fast forward to now.

Those ads don’t work as well do they?

How come?

Because we no longer believe their claims, propositions, promises or customer testimonials. They became cliche and contrived. They were no longer relevant.

Who do you trust now? Your friend or your ad man? Do you want advertisements or advice?

This is where social media marketing comes in. Social media has conversations…not sales pitches. It focuses on communities…not customers. Creates value based loyalty…not price based transactions.

Don’t get me wrong…you still build a brand by mass media…but you build the why behind the brand with social media.

Ahhh…but which social media platform do you use and how do you use it?

Don’t know…haven’t had a conversation with you about your community yet. Once I do…I will know which way to go.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The "Big Game" maybe isn't as big after all...

You've worked so hard to get here.

You've put in the practice time.

Hours...days...weeks...months...sometime years.

All for this one.


You blow it. You lose. You don't win.

You feel that emptiness in the pit of your stomach. You question whether or not you are good enough. Whether or not you will have this opportunity again. Whether or not you could've done more to prevent this loss.

Get over it.

Over a lifetime, it's the total number of wins and losses that count. Not just the "big one."

I found myself thinking about this last night as I watched Green Bay Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers win the National Football League Most Valuable Player Award. Of course, if his team were in the Super Bowl today, he wouldn't have been able to accept his award in person because he would be preparing for the big game. Matter of fact, almost every player receiving awards last night lamented the fact that they were not playing today to get a chance to be crowned World Champions.

That's human. That's normal. I get that. They should be mad, hurt, frustrated.

But at the end of the day...if you have more wins than losses...then you win. The "big one" isn't one's your cumulative effort.

Don't get me wrong...some wins mean more than others...but a win is win.

You "win" everyday. You just don't see them.

Enjoy every one of them. No matter the size or significance at the time.

It's a journey of wins...not the destination.

I won yesterday because I went skating with my boys last night and we had a blast. All ending with two very tired boys snuggling up in our laps last night as night fell.

That's a win in my book.

Al Davis got it right...almost. Got to add one thing...

Just win....everyday.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What suits you?

Ever look back at history and think about whether or not you would've fit in better during another time?

Taking everything into consideration...pop culture, music, the arts, education, technology, sports, political rhetoric and direction...everything.

I think I found mine.

Instead of '67...I should've been born in '34.

First and foremost, I would've come from humble beginnings because I would've been born at the tail end of the depression. I would've learned how to appreciate things.

In the 40's...I would've been old enough to hear about the war in school. I would've learned to love my country...and appreciate real war heroes.

In the 50's...I would've been in my teens and 20's and I would've found music and myself.

In the 60's...I would've been old enough to know what cool really was.

In the 70's...I would've been just old enough to miss the club scene. No Studio 54 for me.

In the 80's...I would've been middle age and would've been longing for "my" music and would've been old enough to appreciate the "new" economy.

In the 90's...I would've been hitting retirement age at a prosperous time.

Around the turn of the century...I would've started to slow down at a time when everything around us was speeding up.

Now...I would be ready to call it a day...looking back and smiling.

Don't get me's good right now where I am...but sometimes I wonder.

When was your time?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better late than...

Writer's note:
You ever feel like you could write more about something but you really shouldn't because less is more on this given subject? Yup...I am there today.

Here's a quick one to always remember...

Good news is never late.