Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I wear a size 10

Ever meet someone and wonder "what's their story?" 

We all have stories. We all have suffered disappointment. We all have enjoyed riding the high tide. We all have experienced the low point and the high point of the roller coaster. But each of us is who we are because of what we've done and how our individual past has built our individual blueprint. 

Here's the thing though...

It's not fair for us to judge someone else's story. We can not understand their story. We can not like their story. We can choose to ignore their story. But we were not born with a gavel in our hands yet we are all quick to use one.  

We all carry some type of backpack of burden.  One is not greater in weight than the other. It's relative to the individual. We are all hiking through the path of life whilst carrying this. One may perceive that an individual backpack is heavier than an other but one cannot judge the individual's strength to carry it. 

Ever hear the saying "if only you could walk a mile in my shoes?" It is the most difficult leap for people to make. Hell...one doesn't need the whole mile. Just take one step and you will get a glimmer of what the weight/strength balance is really like for that person. 

Remove your gavel. Replace it with a shoe horn. It's a better fit.