Friday, May 27, 2011

So...about last night...

So...was it good for you...

Remember a while back when I talked about "Field of Dreams" and how so many business owners took up the "if you build it, they will come" philosophy for promoting their business? Basically saying they don't need to advertise because all they have to do is put up a sign and customers will flock in.

The same holds true for your website. You can have the best looking, most functional website in the land but if no one knows you are there, what good does it do? Sure, there are ways to help you get engine places et al. But the best way to not only get found on-line but to help build your brand? SMM. Social Media Marketing.

We are talking your blogs, your tweets, your posts, your podcasts, etc. SMM deepens the relationship between you and your customer. It builds a wall around your customer. It turns your transactional customer who buys on price into a customer for life who buys because they really care about your product or service. SMM gives them the why and leads them to your website which explains the why, gives the where...the who...the what...the when...the everything.

To be blunt...SMM turns a one night stand into a life long partnership.

So...want to do this again sometime???

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