Monday, May 23, 2011


I've had a hard time getting over my son Jack's football game this weekend. Not because of anything my kids did...because of what I did.

2 minutes to go...up by a touchdown and driving. My son Jack had played a brilliant game up to that point. A TD run...A TD pass and a two point conversation. Plus, he made several stops behind the line of scrimmage on defense. All in all...a great game.

I got greedy at that point. Instead of playing it safe and running out the clock...I called a pass play. Jack felt pressure from behind and threw a pass that was intercepted. Pick six...we end of tying. I know...not the end of the world...but it has been bothering me.

I got an email from one of my parents last night. Here is what they said...
"Colin is having a ball! He is skipping his entire soccer season to concentrate on football. He was so thrilled to contribute last Saturday with his first touchdown...I wanted to thank you again for volunteering and doing such a good job job with the boys."

One of my favorite players who I have coached over the years was a little boy named Joey. He had such a great attitude. Here is what his parents said at the end of season; "we also want to thank you for coaching but even more for the kind words you always had for us about Joey. It is the first time he has participated in sports and you certainly made it a great introduction for him!"

I am not reciting these so I can brag...I am recalling these so I can remind myself the true meaning of successful coaching. It's not about the wins and losses in the standings. It is about the small wins (and learning lessons) that the individual kids have. It's about parents sending me pictures of my players not letting their footballs they get for being the game MVP's out of their site for days. That's the real win.

Best coach I ever dad. Others who I will always remember...Monahan, Hessenberger, and Crivello. Also...kudos to Tom Miller...for introducing me to the power of the game ball!

PS; You still won't see me throw in that situation least for awhile.

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