Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Magic Pill

Okay...I've done it. I have found the magic pill. The ultimate pick me up. The answer. The one thing that will get you through anything.

I am talking about confidence.

Not over confidence...not cockiness...good old fashioned confidence (we are talking self confidence and confidence in others...they both are needed).

Let me tell you a story...I was playing high school football and I was playing Right Guard. The coach called the same running after play...right behind me. My responsibility on the play was to block the inside linebacker. If he was shading inside...I blocked him inside and the back ran it outside of me. If he was shaded outside...I blocked him out and the back cuts it back inside. We must've ran that same play 20 times that game for about 150 yards. I couldn't figure out why the coach was calling the same after play. I didn't mind though because I was absolutely schooling the linebacker. He had no chance. I knew play after play...I would win the one on one battle. It was all confidence.

If you can set others up in life to be successful and build their confidence...kudos! They will do great things. Once you do that...guess can be knowing that you are a great leader.

Build someone else's confidence and your confidence will grow.

It's the confidence quid pro quo! Pretty cool stuff!!!!

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