Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You don't Have it so Bad

You really don't.

No matter what situation, predicament, ordeal or problem you are in or encountering...
there are people who are going through worse.

We are in the process of trying to sell a house in Michigan and figure out what we are going to do back here in Wisconsin. We can't buy a house here until we sell there and we don't know where we are going to live in a couple of months. That being said...

It could be worse.

I have several friends that are going through hardship right now that I would consider a heavier burden than mine.

Each and every one of us has a cross to bear. Your cross may be paralyzing for you but someone else may perceive it as you don't have it so bad. At least not as bad as they have it...

When you are in the eye of the storm, it is hard to focus on what I call "energizing inventory." Energizing inventory are the things in your lives that are catalysts for positive movement and achievement. They are the things that drive us.

We tend to forget them during times of distress.

My "energizing inventory?" I think it is pretty good.

A wonderful family. Good health. Great friends. A promising career.

Others would be envious.

The next time your cross weighs heavy...first look in and appreciate your "energizing inventory" and then look around...things could be worse. A lot worse.

My doesn't suck...that is for sure.

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