Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fall just got Better

It's official.

Nebraska is now in the Big Ten and I am loving it.

First of all, I think Nebraska is a great choice for the conference. They bring tradition, passion and a commitment that is exemplified throughout the conference already.

I would put the Big Ten against any other conference in the country now.

The Big Ten is a traditionalist's dream conference. Can you image what Lombardi would say with some of the spread offenses in the Big 12 or the SEC? "What the hell is going on over here?"

It's not three yards and a cloud of's three yards and the road to glory in the Big Ten.

I think the best way to separate the 12 teams would be East/West divisions.

The current split conference rivalries will remain intact and Nebraska/Iowa (geography) games or Nebraska/Wisconsin (will the real Big Red please stand) games could be epic battles for the ages.

There might be more expansion coming down the line which I would not have a problem with but for now...who needs them(yeah, that includes you Notre Dame)?

The Autumn colors just got a little more red and my Saturdays in the Fall just got a lot better.

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