Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random thoughts on a Sunday morning...

There are lots of axioms and sayings out there...most are irrelevant or too cool for the room.

I have found two that I feel carry the most truth.

"The grass is greener"

"One in the hand is worth more than two in the bush."

We all tend to focus on what we don't have or could have rather than what we do have. I remember one night when I was single after my first marriage ended. I was sitting around a bar with several of my married buddies and they all talked how envious they were of me and I asked them a question...

"Who are you going home to tonight?"

They of course all answered their respective wives...I then told them who I was going home one. It was all about the perspective.

Take my advice...your own grass is plenty green.

You know mechanical pencils are an oxymoron? The term mechanical inherently implies formulaic, procedural, routine, some cases perfect. A pencil though almost invites mistakes because you can erase and start over.

I once told a friend of mine who felt he "had settled" in his life to stop looking at it as "settling" and start looking at it as "adapting." I think it helped.

What is better? A sunrise or sunset. Depends on the day for me.

I think religion is not the path to heaven. Spirituality is. A lot of people confuse the two.

I promised earlier to talk about the word "catharsis." I always looked at it as a feeling of cleansing or healing. I actually looked it up once for Webster's take on it (not the character Emmanuel Lewis played) and according to them, one of the definitions is "evacuating the bowels" and a synonym for catharsis is "laxative." I laughed because then catharsis took on a much more relevant meaning to me...


To conclude...get rid of your own bullshit and dump it on your yard. Therefore, your grass will be greener.

Until next time...

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