Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's up with blog, dog?

You know...I think I owe you an apology. I prematurely blogged! My first blog (although highly cathartic* for what I was going through at the time) should not have been the first blog. Second or third...but not the first. I need to answer the question...

"What's up with blog, dog?"

Let me give you some background. I have always found writing highly thearaputic. It makes me think...takes me away from my problems and gives me reasons to smile (regardless of my mood).

It started in school but really hit its high water mark after I left my first wife. I started writing a book entitled "The Single Weekend Warrior." It was basically about the trials and tribulations about trying to fit back into the singles game while parenting my daughter. There were such award winning chapters like "They say when you fall off the horse to get back on but what if the horse is a zebra?" and "At least I got a futon out of the deal."

As time went by, that book went by the wayside and I started others. One was entitled "The Summer of '85" and another was entitled "Green 21." Both started....never finished.

Every once in awhile, I like to email some friends regarding what's happening in the local sports scene. A really good friend of mine (Brother Jake) encouraged me at the time that I should start a blog because he enjoyed my reading. It occurred to me that if I start a blog, I no longer will disappoint myself with failed attempts at a whole book because each blog is kind of like its own book (or maybe chapter but at least there is closure).

So there you be....that's what up with blog, dog.

Fo shizzle

*Remind me sometime to tell you my observations regarding catharsis.

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