Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you want the Corona or the beach?

The ultimate goal of advertising is to create (or exploit) a desire for a specific product or service and lead that consumer to action. Advertising puts the person in that Lexus....dressing in that Armani...or shaving with Gillette. The person can imagine themselves using the service or product. Once you can envision it, you can live it.

I really think the one advertising campaign that gets it is Corona's TV campaign. My "happy" place is on a beach, with the sun and waves splashing all around, a good book in my hand and a drink in the other. I have been there many times but I go there in my mind even more and the drink I associate most with that picture is Corona (Dirty Bananas, Red Stripes, Margaritas also work but Corona has the top rung on my ladder).

I want the beach...but I have to go through Corona to get there.

It's all about the mental real estate, baby!

God, I wish I was there today.

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