Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The power to move

I've always known it was powerful. It's able to move you without a moving truck. It doesn't have an engine but it can take you places you once were or never been. It's a timeless time machine with no gears or gadgetry. It means one thing to me...and another to you.

What is it?


I have been in radio since I was 15 or 16 (thanks to Cindy Leighton...more on that in another blog) so I have always known the power of music. It can bring you out of a mood or put you in one faster than you think. Sometimes all it takes is one note and you are there. Sometimes its the lyric...sometimes its the instrument. No matter what it is...it packs a wallop. I didn't know though how powerful until tonight.

Three years ago, my Dad died. The funeral home did a wonderful job on creating an everlasting memory. They made a memory DVD that played during the visitation. Whenever I need my Dad (and that's often), I play the DVD. Underneath the pictures, is a musical score. Don't know the name or the artist but when I hear it, I always think of my Dad.

Tonight, I was at a visitation of one of my friends' moms. It was the same funeral home that my Dad was in. I walked in and felt a sensation but not an emotional one. It was a deja vu kind of feeling...one that may accompany you anywhere. As I was standing in line waiting to see my friend and his father, I heard the music. Immediately, I teared up and thought of my Dad. It was the music that took me there. Not the sights, smells, or touch...but the sound of the music.

I realized tonight what a wonderful power music holds.

It's the power to move.

PS; The picture on this article is one of my Dad holding my newborn son Jack.

PS #2; Some of my favorite artists that move me for different reasons (in no particular order) are Buffett, Marley, Dylan, Armstong, Simon, Bocelli, Sinatra and Martin. Who moves you?

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