Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Times You Have to Throw Away the Protractor

The blueprint has been laid out for you. You shouldn't improvise. You shouldn't stray from the design. This goes there for a reason. This corner was designed this way because it just has to be at that angle.

Trust these people...they have been there before. The conception...composition...and constitution are all predetermined based on the specs that have been laid out by others who know better.

Are you sure?

Guess what?

The same holds true for our past. The blue print is laid out. By family, by friends, by influencers, etc. Most of the heavy lifting is done by family though. They have laid out the blueprint for us. A lot of us feel we have no choice but to follow their lead. Follow their design. What if their design is faulty? What if they were wrong?

Look, the bottom line is that you have a choice. Yes, there is the basic blueprint. Yes, there may be some predispositions. have the power to crumple of the blueprints, toss them in the garbage can and start over. You own your own eraser. It's never too late.

Go ahead...create your own reality.

Throw away the protractor. Direct your future...don't settle for following directions. Who knows what you can create.

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