Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sometimes...being OK is better than being just OK

You know those times when you ask someone how they are doing and they respond with "I'm OK" and you say "just OK"?

As you go through life, you realize a lot of times...being OK is actually pretty good.

Look, If you run anything at too high of a temp, what happens? It burns out.

Conversely, if you run something for too long at too cool of a temp, what happens? It dies.

A lot of times...being OK is a pretty good soft landing place.

Now...don't get me need to turn up the heat sometimes to feel the burn and you also need to go into extreme chill periods where you can shut down but if OK is in the middle...that's doing pretty damn good.

Now, here is the key though. Surround yourself with some people who let you know that you are OK...or it will be OK because a lot of times you might not feel it.

I will take OK. The opposite? A KO. Yeah...OK isn't too shabby.

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