Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Little Insomnia Randomness

Nothing like getting up at 3:30 to jog the brain a little...

Legos and mechanical pencils are both inherently oxymorons. Legos are full of structure and creativity all at once. Mechanical pencils imply welcoming of mistakes and perfection at the same time.

Don Draper is a lot like Tony Soprano.

In life, having balance is the great equalizer.

Plugging into people who "get it" is energizing.

Compliments never get old.

I have come to the conclusion, the mid-life crisis is very real.

To be able to plug in, one must un-plug.

When you hit your 40' isn't about how much you work's about what you put in.

Hydrate the body...caffeinate the mind.

Telescopic or Microscopic? Both...if you can.

As we go through it, it's all about the goal. When we achieve it, it's all about the journey.

And finally...

Coffee really is a good thing...especially on mornings like this.

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