Sunday, April 15, 2012

Edison or da Vinci

Do you want to "think better" or do you want to "think different?"

Thinking better is solution based.
Thinking different is idea based.

Thinking better produces things.
Thinking different creates things.

Thinking better requires a trial and error mentality.
Thinking different requires an error and trial mentality.

Thinking better requires experience.
Thinking different requires experiences.

Thinking better means to learn from our mistakes.
Thinking different means to make mistakes so we can learn.

Thinking better requires brainstorming.
Thinking different requires stormy brains.

Thinking better affects the bottom line.
Thinking different affects the top line.

Guess what?

Can't have one without the other.
One thinks differently to get better and one thinks better when they are different.

Making cake...and eating it too.


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