Monday, September 12, 2011

Ends...Beginnings...Questions and Answers.

The dawn of the day brought thousands of ends.

The dusk of the day prepared us for one beautiful life and a new beginning.


No one will ever forget how this day began. Thousands of lives were taken before their time. Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters. Thousands of families forever impacted. The day was filled with pain...hurt...fear and uncertainty.

We will never forget.

I will never forget how this day ended. It was the first Lamaze class for my wife and me...preparing us for bringing our newborn son into the world. I was going to be a father again. My wife...a mother for the first time. My daughter...a sister for the first time. The evening was filled with excitement...trepidation...wonder and uncertainty.

I will never forget.

Journeys ended. Journeys began.

Yesterday...we watched the memorials with our son who is now going on 10. So many questions. Some answers. Blessed to have him with us on this day. So very blessed.

One day in our life that forever changed how we lived.

One day in our life we will never forget.

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