Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dad...you want to have a catch?

I'm a lucky man.

This past weekend I went to Lambeau with a couple of buddies (no matter how often I go up there, I am always taken aback by those trips up north). We went out to the hotel parking lot so we could throw the pigskin around. Three good friends...three great friends. One of our friends is still learning how to "have a catch." See...his dad is a great guy but just didn't play ball with him as a kid and he is an only child so he just didn't get the chance to play catch.

Fast forward to tonight. My oldest son's football practice. Now...his football practice field is not in the best area in town. There are always lots of kids running around while my son practices. Not many parents though...especially dads. I was standing around watching practice just tossing a ball to myself when 5-6 kids came up and wanted to play catch. I started thinking to myself...when was the last time they had someone to play catch with. I played catch and then went on my way.

On the way home, I started thinking...how lucky I am. I had a dad who would play catch with me for hours. Now mind you...my dad was 44 when he had me so he was logging a lot of catch time in his 50's. Pretty impressive. Every time I am out with my kids...I think of those days with my dad. We stayed out until the last possible drop of sunshine shut down for the evening.

There are days I don't feel like playing catch. I always figure I do it enough. But to my kids...they probably wish I did it more.

Now that I think about it...they are probably right.

Thanks for the catch dad...

PS; Sorry for the "me" memory focus lately. I guess it's that time of year.

PPS; Next one...I have to tell an amazing story about my dad that one would only think happened in the movies. But it was real.

PPPS; Sorry for the google ads and the movies clip propaganda on the Youtube video...was going to do the blog without the video but it's a pretty powerful scene.

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  1. Don't apologize for a "Me" focus. I myself can relate. There's many an evening when my son is with me and asks to "have a catch". Sometimes I will hesitate a bit or even say "no", but then I do think about it and realize; these are the times to when you "have a catch" and as our children grow and change ... if you don't grab those moments you can't get them back.