Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The rediscovery of my inner geek

Are you a manager of people or a manager of things? Do you live in the subjective grey area of people or the objective black and white world of things? One of my strengths is my ability to be able to coach individuals to help maximize their individual potential which facilitates team success. Conversely, I have always considered the management of things as one of my weaknesses. In my current career role, I have been pushed out of my confort zone and I have become more of a manager of things rather than of people. I have to say...I am actually enjoying the new toys at my disposal in the ever changing world of new media. I am actually getting geeked out by SEO, CMS, SMS, and HTML. Acronyms are actually kind of cool. I still love the design...but I am realizing the potential of the development. Zuckerberg better watch out...

PS; I say rediscovery because anybody who played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, has a good amount of geekdom already in place.

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