Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yeah...yeah...yeah...I know...

It is one of the hardest axioms for me to follow. "Don't cry over spilled milk." I know it...I remind myself all of the time but sometimes it is really hard to put the "spilled milk" into perspective...especially if you have OCD tendencies like I do. I think the problem is that the spilled milk tends to not be the only thing that happened around that moment. There might have been spilled juice, coffee or soda that happened earlier that accentuates the negative of the spilled milk. Just a thought. I need to remind myself...what is the worst thing that happens as a byproduct of the spilled milk. I need to start thinking about the life lesson quicker picker upper. Remind myself that I was lucky to have the milk to begin with and move on. Yeah...definitely going to try to work on this one. How about you?

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