Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lessons From My Difference Makers

I consider myself lucky. 

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by some really great people in my life. I have been taught. I have learned. I have grown because of them. 

Some are family. Some are mentors. Some were with me a long time. Some came into my life and left. All left their mark. All made a difference. 

In no particular order...here are some snap shots of the life-long lessons I have learned from others...

"Smile and the world will smile with you...frown and you are on your own." - Dad 
Pretty self explanatory. 

"I'll be dipped in turtle wax." -Dad 
My dad's way of explaining his shock or surprise over something. 

"Don't limit yourself to a broadcast school." - Cindy Leighton 
The on-air personality I worked with in high school on a show called "Teens n' Talk."

"Your problem is...you are good and you know it. - Pat Ryan 
My theater TA who told me I made the theater program but I was not a unanimous choice. 

Thanks to Jim Baughman (Journalism Professor at the UW) for teaching me that journalism was fun. 
Thanks to Ivan Preston (Journalism Professor at the UW) for making me work harder on my journalism classes. 

"Hit the trees Daddy!" - My Son Charlie 
One day, we were walking along in the rain and my son hit the trees and water came down on us.  We both laughed and I realized that we can laugh even during times that don't go our way. 

"What's fun about that?!?" - Ann Wesley 
A marketing pro who always says this when faced with situations where people either waste time doing stupid things or waste brain space on pettiness. 

"Close your eyes every once in awhile.  It's fun in there." - Ann Wesley 
When it's time to spark imagination or creativity. 

"Life always comes down to three rules; 
There isn't enough free food in the world. 
Sometimes...people suck. 
Everything comes in threes." - Max Wells 
A dear friend who passed away too young.  

"Our fathers were strong enough to let go." - Tom Walker 
My boss, mentor and friend of 20 + years after both our fathers passed away. 

There are so many more lessons and people who I can mention here but I will save those for another day when I need to remember their guidance. Happens often. 

My friend Max playfully imitating how my Dad sat at Badger games. 

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