Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chica and Eeyore

They say they are man's best friend. 

They are right.

Chica came into my my life and my dad's at the perfect time. 

Eeyore came into mine at the perfect time as well. 

Both dogs found us and we found them. 

Chica was a golden lab. So loyal. So gentle. She was with my dad and me for a long time. She crawled into bed with me on nights when I was scared. She greeted my dad every day when he got home from work.  She would run with us as we played catch night after night in the yard and golf course. She was so graceful. She had these beautiful light colored eyes. Part compassion. Part insight. 

Eeyore was a hound/Great Dane.  So energetic. So curious. He was with me for only a short time. He had a way of sighing when he was at peace and settled for the night. He would look out the window every time I left...all I could see were his eyes and floppy ears. He loved the dog park. He ran wildly. Awkward as elbows and ears flopped everywhere. He had these dark brown eyes. Part mischievous. Part wise. 

I remember the phone call from my dad at college. Chica no longer could get up and greet him. It was time. My dad carried her to the car. He knew. She knew. 

I recently received a call from a girl who worked at the doggy daycare. She wanted to let me know that she loved Eeyore with all her heart and if I ever needed to give him up, she would take him. It was time. 

Both dogs played a huge role in my life. Both were there when I needed them. Both let me to talk to them as if I was having a normal conversation. Both saw happiness. Both saw tears. Both were part friend/part confidant. 

They refer to a dog's owner as his master. I don't buy it. I was just their person. That's all. 

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