Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Roles we Play

When I first became a manager, I had to play the role of the good cop. The confidant. The counselor. The friend.

The situation dictated my role.

When I moved markets, I had to the play the role of the bad cop. The agent of change. The dictator. The acquaintance.

The situation dictated my role.

You see...whether it be business or personal, we all play a role. The role is defined primarily by the situation, the desired outcome with the potential benefits or risks of the situation and the interpersonal relationship you have with the others in the situation.

To be a chameleon in theater shows depth and talent.

To be a chameleon in life though usually is interpreted by others as being disingenuous or "not real."

This misconception could not be further from the truth. You can be consistent and fair while still playing different roles.

People are not black and white. Life is not scripted. It is the quintessential improv act. It is the ideal stage for all performances.

The downside of excelling in a role in theater is getting typecast for that type of role forever.

Yul Brynner will always be the King.

William Shatner will always be Kirk.

Sly Stallone will always be Rocky Balboa.

James Gandolfini will always be Tony Soprano.

The caveat in life is the same. Don't get typecast in a role you don't want. It's unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

Life is the greatest theater of all. And you have the lead role. Now is your time. Don't give the performance of your life. Give your life the performance it deserves.

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