Sunday, May 26, 2013

Turn the Page

As you go through the mundane chore of turning your calendar page, you realize time is moving.  

You start to remember less and forget more all of the time. 

The hair gets more gray.  And you find more of it in certain areas and less in others. 

It takes longer to recover from a workout and you have to work harder to get something out of it.  

Wisdom and perspective are gained. But at what expense?  

Cynicism reigns supreme. 

Optimism takes a back seat to what same may call realism. 

Risks become more calculated.  Less risky. is the kicker.  Here is where it gets good. 

The older you get, the less you feel like you have to spend time with the right people.  You want to spend more time with the people who just make you feel alright. 

The older you get, the greater the understanding between being alone and feeling lonely. 

The older you get, the more memories you actually have. 

Here is to making memories while being alone with the right people. 

Fine wine baby.  Fine wine.  


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