Monday, April 1, 2013

Hold on a sec...will ya?

Fact number one: Life is hard.

Fact number two: There are days when it seems like you can't make it.

Fact number three: There is always tomorrow.

Let's face it...we have all been there. That place where we feel like all is lost. Like there is no hope. Like you can't go on.

How do you keep holding on?

How do you get through it?

You find one thing to hold onto. One thing to cling to. One thing that can give you the inner strength you need to keep going.

One thing is all it takes.

It can seem like the smallest of things. A sliver of light breaking through. The tiniest of seeds starting to sprout.

It can come in human form or not.

It is out there. You just need to continue to look for it.

One thing. That's it.

Find yours. Today.

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