Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simple Complexity

Ever play the game Jenga?

Ever look at an individual Jenga piece?

Alone, it is simplistic in nature. Each piece of wood is three times as long as it is wide, and its height is approximately half its width.

One would say nondescript by nature.

But when combined with other Jenga pieces, a complex pattern can be created. An amalgamation formed from experimentation and trial and error.

Far from nondescript.

Have you ever met someone who would fit the Jenga paradigm? Easy (simple) to get to know but once you get to know them...you see complex layers that time, experience and perspective have molded into what they are today.

Has anyone ever said they were an open book to you?

You see, it's easy to open a book. It's not as easy to "get" the meaning behind the book.

But the "a-ha" moment is created when you find out that every chapter is a new story on its own.

The other element that goes along with the simple complexity paradigm of Jenga? Once a new creation tumbles, it's time to rebuild another one.

Sounds like another game we know. It's called life.

Sounds simple doesn't it? It's not...but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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