Monday, October 8, 2012

Star Trek meets Talking Heads

Ever get in your car and start to drive and forget where you are going?

Ever go to someplace that is so familiar to you but feels foreign?

Ever step outside yourself and look back and ask the question that David Byrne made famous lyrically in the 1980's? "How did I get here?"

We all need to experience the comfort of a routine. It grounds us. It gives us direction. It gives us clarity of purpose. We all have a need and desire to go back to that "safe place."

Don't get me wrong...going Leonard Nimoy and going where no man has gone before is usually the way to go but have to take the old route to get to where you want to go to remind you why you went there in the first place.

You want to explore new worlds...not escape your current one.

If you feel yourself losing your way sometimes...take the old route. Take the familiar path. Usually you will find something you missed the first time.

How did I get here? Think about the path you took. That will usually give you the answer.

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