Saturday, November 5, 2011

Koi Therapy

A while back...I talked about a watering hole in the Cayman Islands called Calico Jack's.

Time to pull up a barstool and pop a squat so I can share another little diamond in the rough...or as I shelf amidst a sea of rail.

The Atomic Koi Cocktail Lounge. The name invites questions...but the bar gives answers. It is Atomic...and serene all at once.
Cocktails? Over 100. Lounge? You bet.

On the website, it's billed as an “Asian Infused Retro Lounge." I just bill it as the place to chill.

It's Winston Wolf. It solves problems.

It's Frank Sinatra. It does it it's own way.

It's Charlie Mackenzie. It is poetry in a glass with a slice of a jazz infused beat underneath.

It's Roger Miller, Elvis, the Fonz and Samuel L Jackson all wrapped up in a tumbler of cool.

It's underground but above water.

It's the four minute offense in football. Just running out the clock baby.

It's the milk does a body good.

Doctors. Lawyers. Accountants. Consultants. All be damned.
They've got nothing on the bartenders at the Koi.

Relax. Sip. Take it all in.

Lost something...find it again at the Koi.

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  1. Here's to good friends and good times at the Koi and many more to come :-)