Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That kid has some talent...

Our start up company is in full swing right now...and so far the results are outstanding! The human puzzle pieces have fit together perfectly.

I was sitting down talking with one of my key people on the team last week and I was talking about the individual talents that we have assembled. The collective heads, hearts and souls of the team are incredibly impressive. It's one of those cases where the sum of the individuals is equal to the sum of the whole.

Do you have someone in your organization who is really good at collecting talent and putting the pieces of the human puzzle together? If you are already half way there to success. If you don't...find someone quickly who can.

Collect talent. Always. Everywhere. It can't be looked at as a hobby or part time's a passion and it has be a full time focus.

Look at the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Their General Manager Ted Thompson did a masterful job of collecting talent. He took a lot of heat on some of his decisions but he stayed the course with his plan to collect talent...and look at the end result.

What's the measurement of success for you? Whatever it starts with your talent collection. Envision the goal...and then find the people who can achieve it. Everything else...will take care of itself.

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