Friday, August 19, 2011

The cry you want to hear...

It is piercing.

It hurts the ears.

It is frustrating.

It reminds you of your sleep deprivation.

It is exasperating.

It's a baby's cry.

99 times of out of a is that wail in the middle of the night that can leave you searching for answers. Wondering to yourself..."when will it stop" or "what am I doing wrong".

But then there is that one time...that singular moment in our life when it is the most peaceful, comforting and reassuring noise you would ever want to hear. That one time makes you feel alive and engaged in this thing we call life.

That one the first time.

It's the screech your child lets out when he or she enters this world for the first time. It's their way of saying "I'm OK". When you hear exhale, smile and express your tears of joy.

Recently, good friends of ours had their third son. They didn't hear that noise for a full two minutes. It was the longest two minutes of their life. He is still fighting for his life today.

Whether or not you have already been there...or if this moment in your life is still to is the sweetest sound you will ever hear.

"I'm OK."

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