Sunday, July 3, 2011

What catches your eye?

Painting or photography?

Perception or perspective?

I started thinking about which form of visual art I appreciate and enjoy more...

They both have the ability to stimulate the senses.

Painting is inward out focused while photography is outward in. Let me explain...

A painter's vision starts inside of him or her. They are able to put on an easel what the mind or soul sees first. The photographer takes the object he or she sees and personalizes it....brings it inside.

A painter looks at their creation from the mind's eye. A photographer sees it through their camera lens.

A painter paints time in a moment. A photographer focuses on a moment in time.

A painter sees the shape. A photographer sees the angle of the shape.

A painter paints to his or her idea of perfection. One painting at a time.

A photographer takes pictures to invite imperfection. Hundreds of photos to find one that works.

For me, it's photography.

What sees you?

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