Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random thoughts on a Saturday night...

First of all...I usually reserve these random thought..."on a tangent" posts for Sunday mornings on my deck.

Ain't going to happen tomorrow. is the virgin voyage for the SS Saturday night Randomness.

If you think about it...every individual day of our life is a microcosm of life's long term roller coaster nature. Think about's true.

What is it about the piano that makes you turn introspective?

"I love you" is a the most powerful thing to say in the world...especially when the right person says it.

Getting old really does matter how truly young you feel. I don't consider "sucking" a permanent thing though. It seems more temporary...especially on this subject.

Everything in life depends on how you react to things.

Kids truly do need to be told things several hundred times before it sinks in.

I like lakes and oceans more than rivers. What about you?

There are people who are title chasers. You know the kind. They define themselves by the label on the business card. There are other people who are result chasers. No business card can define them. Thus...the difference between managers and leaders.

I truly believe people come into your life for a reason.

Final thought...take a page out of electricity. Plug into something and feel alive.

Last call...

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