Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Death of Monet

Did you hear the news...
Monet is dead?

Went to a work thing this past weekend...but it certainly wasn't your typical work thing. This was a session on creative writing in the advertising world and "speaking" to today's consumer.

Around the turn of the century, we learned from great writers and trainers like Roy Williams and Chris Maddock to "monet" or "seuss" our commercials. To "monet" an ad was to paint an impressionistic picture that created theater of the mind for the listener. To "seuss" an ad meant to use rhyming and to invent new words that evoked the feelings that you wanted the listener to feel.

Chris taught this session over the weekend and he discussed the fact that today's consumer is all about truth, black and white propositions and reality. The consumer of today's BS meter is at an all time high. They don't want to be told how to feel...they want to come to that conclusion themselves. They don't give points for creativity...they give points for credibility. They don't want flowery or fluff...just lay out the facts...let them do their research and then they will make the call.

Pastels are and white are in.

I do not like green eggs and ham...just leave them the way they are...thanks.

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