Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Editors note; Every once in awhile, I am going to throw down some of my writings from the past. Sorry in advance if they don't make a lot of sense...they do to me and served a purpose when I wrote them.

Someday, past thoughts will be remembered
Someday, new memories will be made
Someday, past roads will be covered
Someday, new territories discovered.

Someday, past songs will be sung
Someday, new melodies will be created
Someday, past games will be replayed
Someday, new events, there will be play.

Someday, past friends will be found
Someday, new loves will find again.
Someday, past hearts will be whole
Someday, new souls will be complete.

My only wish is that
Someday comes.

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