Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'M Batman!

First there was Adam West.  

Then Michael Keaton.  

And along came Val Kilmer.  

Enter George Clooney. 

Hello Christian Bale. 

And's Ben Affleck. 

They've all uttered the words "I'am Batman" with varrying degrees of success. 

It's strange how the evolution of Batman on the big screen has become a symbol to me for how things cycle through in our lives over and over again.  

I think back to where I was during each interpretive Batman performance and I reallze that I have been here before...and I will be here again.  

Places have changed...but they are the same. 

People have changed...but they are the same. 

Strange to think about when you watch someone or something outside of you change and evolve through the years how it can make you self-reflect. 

I actually was Batman myself for one night.  Have to was pretty cool. 

Actually hated taking off the mask that night. 

Maybe, an encore performance is in order. 

What's that in the sky?  Kinda looks like a bat to me. 

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