Monday, June 18, 2012

Need a light?

Ever need a spark?

Creative juices running low?

If so...try some of these to light or re-light your fire.

All of them work for me. Depends on the mood, time of day and what kind of spark I need at the time...but these tend to do the trick.

Make something with legos. Matter of fact...deconstruct first and then make something completely different.

Go for a long run.



Lie on your back and stare at the clouds.

Draw (which is an advanced version of doodling).

Sing in the shower.

Write words...not sentences.


Try yoga.

Do a puzzle.

Shoot hoops by yourself.

Go for a walk.

Listen to music.

Drink coffee.

Drink wine.

Play with your kids.

Go out on a date (it's even cooler if you sit at the bar).

Talk to a bartender.

Sit in complete silence for five minutes.

Want to try something really crazy? Try all of these in one day. I promise there would be enough of a spark to light every cigarette ever smoked in one season of Mad Men!

Now go ahead and light your fire. Jim Morrison would be proud.

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