Saturday, February 4, 2012

What suits you?

Ever look back at history and think about whether or not you would've fit in better during another time?

Taking everything into consideration...pop culture, music, the arts, education, technology, sports, political rhetoric and direction...everything.

I think I found mine.

Instead of '67...I should've been born in '34.

First and foremost, I would've come from humble beginnings because I would've been born at the tail end of the depression. I would've learned how to appreciate things.

In the 40's...I would've been old enough to hear about the war in school. I would've learned to love my country...and appreciate real war heroes.

In the 50's...I would've been in my teens and 20's and I would've found music and myself.

In the 60's...I would've been old enough to know what cool really was.

In the 70's...I would've been just old enough to miss the club scene. No Studio 54 for me.

In the 80's...I would've been middle age and would've been longing for "my" music and would've been old enough to appreciate the "new" economy.

In the 90's...I would've been hitting retirement age at a prosperous time.

Around the turn of the century...I would've started to slow down at a time when everything around us was speeding up.

Now...I would be ready to call it a day...looking back and smiling.

Don't get me's good right now where I am...but sometimes I wonder.

When was your time?

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