Monday, October 24, 2011

I got a bone to pick with you

To invent...or reinvent.

What's harder? What is more rewarding?

Creating something out of nothing...or recreating something out of something?

The risk is greater to the individual with the latter because it involves leaving a comfort zone. Leaving the established boundaries. Breaking the rules.

During the invention phase...rule breaking is not only's expected.

During the reinvention phase...the perimeters have been set.

Remember...if it's not broke...don't fix it. Right?

But...experience can teach us how to not only break rules but to make new ones in the process.

The reinvention takes greater strength, conviction and risk.

What about the reward though?

Greater during reinvention? Possibly...but not guaranteed.

So if the risk is greater...and the reward is the same...why reinvent? can't stand still...and things never improve without reinvention. What once was now old. So how do you make the old new again. It's not a coat of fresh's a complete redo.

The old dog with the new trick can accomplish a lot more than that new pup with the same new trick because the old dog has seen the old tricks already.

Now go fetch yourself something...and reinvent.

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